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Looking for a Diesel Engine? Visit our Diesel Engine Division

Remanufactured Engines, Used Engines, Transmissions, Transfer Cases & Axle Assemblies

Speak with an Engine Expert Today!

Looking To Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road?


Whether you’re looking for a Remanufactured Engine, Rebuilt Engine or a Used Engine, NationWide Parts is your one stop Solution Provider. With our highly trained staff of Engine Experts or “Partsologists" will help you find the solution that best meets your needs and that's what you are looking for isn't it?


We supply engines for everyday domestic & import vehicles including Acura Engines, Audi Engines, BMW Engines, Buick Engines, Chevrolet Engines, Chrysler Engines, Dodge Engines, Ford Engines, Geo Engines, GMC Engines, Honda Engines, Hummer Engines, Hyundai Engines, Infiniti Engines, Isuzu Engines, Jeep Engines,  Kia Engines, Lexus Engines, Lincoln Engines, Mazda Engines, Mercedes Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, Oldsmobile Engines, Plymouth Engines, Pontiac Engines, Saab Engines, Scion Engines, Subaru Engines, Suzuki Engines, Toyota Engines, Volkswagen Engines, Volvo Engines, and everything in between.


We also supply Agricultural Engines, Generator Engines, Marine Engines, Skid Steer Engines, Fork-Lift Engines, Off-road Engines, and Propane engines. We specialize in diesel engines for trucks, autos, and several other applications including; Commercial, Heavy Duty, Tractor Trailers, Freightliners, RV’s, Buses, Yard Mules, etc…


We are not your local salvage yard with a limited selection of engines. We have options for you to choose from and will provide you with any information you need. For Example, if you are looking for a Remanufactured Duramax Diesel engine, then that is exactly what we will provide you help with. We will not try to sell you something you’re not looking for.


 After speaking with one of our Partsologist you will receive an online Shopping Cart in the form of an email. With this Shopping Cart you will be able to view your Engine Quote and place your order online. Included will be the details including year, make, model, price, warranty and mileage.

When you are ready to complete your purchase you can process your order online or contact your Partsologist using our toll free line.


Now, how simple is that? You know what you’re ordering and you know what you’re getting.

Does your Mechanic shop say you need an engine?

NationWide Parts Distributors will be your last phone call to help you find a Remanufactured engine or Used Engine which best meets your needs. One of our Board Certified Partsologists will assist you in making a Smart, Safe, Money Saving Decision. We only distribute the Best Professional Grade Original Equipment Assembled Remanufactured Engines in the industry. We supply Remanufactured Engines to Dealerships, Fleets & Mechanics Shops all across North America. Buy direct from a wholesale distributor and save over 40% over new.


If your looking for a used engine we've got great news for you as well. We only deal with most reputable dismantlers in the industry. If your not out there doing this everyday then you really don't know who to deal with. We have been doing this for over 20 years and we are the original locating service of used engines. We know who to source used engines from and who NOT to source used engines from, Do you? Buying a used engine is not that easy of a task if you don't know what to watch out for. Most used engine distributors will buy any engine from any vendor out there whether it's been tested or not. Stay away from the dream, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. 


We will help you select the best used engine or Remanufactured engine depending on your needs because not everyone is the same. When buying a used engine you want to make sure that you get the Used Engine or Remanufactured Engine from a company that you can trust, Don't you? You want to make sure that they have at least an "A" Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure they are willing to give you the VIN # for the donor vehicle and a Carfax to backup the mileage they tell you, Just like your local dealership when buying a car. Just as important you need a receipt with the mileage listed on it or else they can ship you anything. If you don't need a used engine and just need cylinder head(s) we can help you with that too.  

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