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Don't Get Bamboolzed

How to avoid getting ripped off or bamboozled when buying a Used or Remanufactured Engine, Transmission, or ECU, ECM, TCM, PCM.

Can you afford to lose your money???? Time & Time again our customers tell us of the horror stories of dealing with these fly by night companies about selling dreams and shipping nightmares.

Know that you’re dealing with a reputable company! Go to - type in company's name, zip code and view their rating.
1. BBB rating?
2. Do they have a rating or do they try to hide it by saying not rated?
3. Should have at least “A” rating.
Can you confirm their physical address?
1. Do they have a real address or just a city and state?
2. Make sure it’s not just a P.O. Box!
3. Is their address in an apartment or someone’s house?
How long have they been in business?
Are they giving you a warranty that is longer than they have been in business???
Do you have a way to prove what you’ve ordered?
1. Do they have an automated Order Verification System to record the details of your order including condition, warranty, approximate delivery time and price?
2. Can you get them to send you a receipt showing condition / mileage, warranty and price?
3. Do they have an Online Shopping Cart that you can check out online with and view your order and make sure that is in deed what you’re ordering.
Are they willing to supply you with the VIN # and the state from which the part was shipped? This is to ensure that the VIN# of the part you are being quoted matches where it is being shipped from. Scammers will typically refuse to provide this?

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