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Can you afford to make the wrong decision?
Don't you want the best Quality you can get?
Buy Remanufactured products, find out why below.

Rebuilt Vs Remanufactured

Most people are lead to believe that Rebuilt & Remanufactured products are the same thing. That is the #1 misconception and for the end user they don't know any different for that fact some shops don't know the difference. A easy way to put it for example is a Rebuilt engine is like a used engine and a Remanufactured engine is like New. Rebuilt engines for example have components from the original engine that are used over in the same state and condition that they were removed as. Remanufactured engines have ALL NEW or REMANUFACTURED COMPONENTS specified back to New OE Specifications.



Build (something) again after it has been destroyed


Remanufacturing is the process of disassembly and recovery at the module level and, eventually, at the component level. It requires the repair or replacement of worn out or obsolete components and modules. Parts subject to degradation affecting the performance or the expected life of the whole are replaced. Remanufacturing is a form of a product recovery process which differs from other recovery processes in its completeness: a remanufactured machine should match the same customer expectation as new machines

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