2002-2003 Ford 4.6-Liter V8 Engine

2002-2003 Ford 4.6-Liter V8 Engine

2002-2003 Ford Trucks & Ford Expedition

Remaufactured 4.6-Liter Engine Long block assembly.

Includes block, Cylinder head(s), all internal components either Brand NEW or Remanufactured & Gasket set

Professional Grade
Original Equipment Assembled
No As needed disclaimer
100% BRAND NEW every time.
Pistons, bearings, valve train, gaskets, & no welded blocks or cylinder heads
In stock engine ships the same day
Manufacturer doesn’t assemble the new engines to go into vehicles after production has stopped

Engines are built upon microns instead of 1000th of an inch

3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Details

    Block Casting
    Right Head Casting F75E-6090-C20A, F65E
    Left Head Casting F75E, F65E
    Crank Casting F75E
    Casting Location In Valley
    Years 1997-1999

    Trucks, Navigator, Expedition, E Vans

    9054A 9007B 9007A 9018A
    Special Notes
    Sohc 16 Valve, Cast Iron Block, Aluminum Heads, V8
    Help info Trition V8. Vin L. Sohc. 330/5.4. Rwd. Block #F75e-6015-Af. Head #F75e-6090-C20a.
    Timing Cover Cast# F85e,